Universal Wrench Head
Universal Wrench Head
Universal Wrench Head
Universal Wrench Head

Universal Wrench Head

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This product is the only wrench you will ever need!

How often do you need a wrench? And how often do you need to use different kinds and different attachments? The answer is: way too often! Because this tool is the only product you need.

You heard right!

This wrench attachment will fit almost anything you want to screw in or remove, be it a hook or a screw or something entirely different.

The inside of the attachment contains multiple small metal rods that will adapt to the form of the item you are working on. This makes the universal use possible!

  • Easy to use
  • Life-saver!
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN - Eliminate the stress of trying to find the correct sized socket. The universal socket has the ability to to adjusts at an instant to any shape or size within 7mm-19mm or 1/4”-3/4”.
  • NOT JUST A SOCKET - When it comes to sockets you’re probably thinking of Hex bolts. What’s great, is the socket’s design allows you to firmly grip not just hex nuts, but hooks, eye and lag screws, bolt heads, and just about any shape you can think of. The universal Socket is the number 1 tool you never knew you needed.
  • WORK EFFICIENTLY - This socket is guaranteed to help you work at record speeds. Rather than running back and forth to the tool box, the universal socket allows you to work at a timely pace, due to the socket's ability to adjust automatically.
  • BUILT TO LAST - We manufacturer our Sockets to stand to the test of time. The Universal socket is made out of reinforced high quality Steel Alloy, ensuring that we have the highest quality product on the market. We guarantee that our Universal Socket will outlast any of our competitors.


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