Mini Vacuum Pump

Mini Vacuum Pump

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Keep anything fresh at the simple press of a button!

This small vacuum pump is the only thing you need for keeping your belongings fresh for a longer time. Especially when freezing food vacuum will ensure high quality over longer time while remaining air in the bag causes a loss in taste and color.

Our vacuum pump includes five vacuum bags that have a special opening for attaching the device and removing the air from the bag. Once you received the vacuum pump itself though you can find these bags in the next supermarket near you.

Other vacuum pumps often require batteries. Not so ours! It has been designed for easy long-term use - and can be charged using a USB cable.

  • Small and simple product
  • Chargeable for long term use
  • Includes 1 big and 4 small vacuum bags
  • Minimalistic design
  • Keep your food fresh over a longer time


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