Magnetic Levitation Globe

Magnetic Levitation Globe

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Get the whole planet onto your desk with this floating globe!

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could have the globe by your side on your desk? Travel the world with your fingers - but not on a dusty oldscool map or even a standard school globe.

This product is the next generation globe for your desk!

It is not attached by a string or to a pole - it floats! That's right - there's nothing holding the ball up but a magnet. This amazing gadget will look great on your desk and can be your new centre piece!

Simply plug it into a power outlet, hide the cable and your globe is all set up! Get this fascinating product today!

  • Earth globe center
  • Travel the world with your finger - find your next destination!
  • Fascinating floating design
  • Guaranteed eye catcher!
  • Futuristic


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