Embroidery Set
Embroidery Set
Embroidery Set
Embroidery Set
Embroidery Set
Embroidery Set

Embroidery Set

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This pen lets anyone create beautiful embroidery!

This is the easiest and complete beginner embroidery kit! It is equipped with all the tools you could possibly need for embroidery.

With this kit, you will be able to finish any design in no time!

So easy to learn - and it can even be applied to many unique and beautiful crafts such as clothing, quilt, place-mats, purses, cushion covers, wall hangings, towels, bags, table cloths, and anything in your imagination!

Every set comes with 3 different sizes of replaceable needles, useful for both bold and delicate artworks.

The ergonomically designed handle lets you work more efficiently! 

Simply choose from one of the three sets:


1 Embroidery Pen Handle (Blue)
1 Extra Punch Needle (Purple)
1 Yarn Scissor
3 Needles (Different Sizes)
2 Needle Threaders
1 Storage Box
1 User Manual


Small Set +
50 different yarn colors


Medium Set +
4 Sensors
9 Embroidery Needles (3 x 5.2 cm, 3 x 6 cm, 3 x 7 cm)
8 Thread Skeletons
1 Measuring Tape
1 Thimble
1 Untwist Tool
2 Embroidery Cloths
1 Bamboo Embroidery Hoop


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