Cooling Dog Vest

Cooling Dog Vest

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Save your dog from heat strokes with this cooling vest!

Not all of us can always enjoy summertime - for most of our four-legged friends the heat and sunshine can become unbearable! Unlike humans dogs can't sweat, and panting only partly gives them relief.

This vest keeps your dog cool on hot days!

 The use is simple yet genius: soak the vest in water, wring. If you like, place it in the fridge for a couple of minutes. The fabric will contain the coolness for a long time to protect your dog from heat strokes.

The fabric on the outside offers additional UV protection. This way your dog can lay in the sun without any harm.

For additional cooling you can simply water the vest again every now and then. Your dog will love the cold shower - especially on hot summer days!

  • Instant cooling
  • UV protection
  • Prevent heat stokes
  • Keep your dog happy
  • Enjoy the summer together!

Get yours NOW and profit from limited discount. Treat your dog for the upcoming summer!

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