Cooling Dog Mat
Cooling Dog Mat
Cooling Dog Mat
Cooling Dog Mat
Cooling Dog Mat
Cooling Dog Mat

Cooling Dog Mat

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Save your pet from heat strokes with this cooling, heat isolating mat!

Not all of us can enjoy summertime - for most of our four-legged friends the heat and sunshine can become unbearable! Unlike humans,, dogs can't sweat and panting only partly gives them relief.

This mat remains cool on hot days!

Normal dog beds are warm and fluffy - not exactly the best choice for summer. This special fabric reduces heat and remains cool all by itself. Your dog will automatically feel relief when lying down on this mat.

The mat is waterproof and washable. The cover can easily be removed by opening the zipper on the back. 

  • Instant cooling
  • Washable
  • Prevent heat strokes
  • Keep your dog happy
  • Enjoy the summer together!

Get yours NOW and profit from a limited discount. Treat your dog for the upcoming summer!

Size Guide:

S: 48cm x 38cm

M: 69cm x 50cm

L: 100cm x 69cm

XL: 120cm x 73cm


  • Pet cooling mat provides chilled relief for your dogs and cats. Perfect solution to make your pet stay cool and comfortable in the summer heat
  • Multiple uses of pet cooling mats: dog and cat cooling mat can be used by itself, in a pet bed, in the car, or in a pet carrier
  • Easy to wash and quick-drying fabric saves time. Use a washing machine and dryer or hang dry. Reusable up to many times
  • Portable for travel: The cooling pads are lightweight and folds effortlessly, ideal for travel. Clean with a damp cloth as needed
  • Different sizes available

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