Contour Marking Tool
Contour Marking Tool
Contour Marking Tool
Contour Marking Tool

Contour Marking Tool

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Imagine this: you're so proud to improve your living space all by yourself, measuring out a room for new flooring and being in a good mood overall. But then, there's the radiator or pipes or anything else that's in your way of properly measuring. Great, the floor will be ruined, you see it coming!

Wrong! We have the solution for YOU and a perfect home!

With our contour marking tool measuring could not be easier. In only two simple steps you will be able to transfer any kind of contour to whatever material you have to cut:

Step 1: Take our contour marker and gently push it against the obstacle you want to measure. The tool will adjust to the needed contour.

Step 2: Outline the form of the contour tool. It's as easy as that!

You will never make mistakes when cutting again! This device is a game changer!

  • Easy to use and useful in multiple situations
  • Simply outline any contour
  • Small and easy to keep at hand
  • Useful for any crafting activity
  • Game changer!


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