iScan Portable Scanner

iScan Portable Scanner

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Every student or business person needs this!

Have you ever wanted to transfer printed information to your phone easily? You could tak a picture, but let‘s be honest: pictures never look as good as a digital scan.

With this portable mini scanner transferring data has never been easier! The iScan fits into any pocket or bag and scans documents within seconds.

Transfer your scans to the computer or phone using a simple usb connection. With the iscan you can free your space from old photos or documents by digitalizing them! Data can be saved as jpg or png files. Even the scan resolution can be adjusted to your needs.

  • Scan documents or photos within seconds!
  • JPG or PDF storage
  • Adaptable resolution (300, 600 or 1050 dpi)
  • USB interface
  • Direct storage on micro SD card


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