Funny Toilet Paper
Funny Toilet Paper
Funny Toilet Paper
Funny Toilet Paper

Funny Toilet Paper

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We donate 10% of each order towards organizations supporting areas affected by COVID-19 related problems!

The corona pandemic has caused us all to worry about what to wipe with - but worry no more! With this creative toilet paper you will not only ease your mind for the coming months but also leave the toilet with a smile on your face!

We let you choose from two different thoughtful designs:


Support our running president by reminding anyone visiting your bathroom of him being present! He will always have your back - or your butt. Your choice!


100 Dollars

When money is nothing but paper for you, why not use it for a better purpose? Impress your guests with 100 dollar notes provided to clean their lower body parts with! Be prepared to be asked for business insider tips after they come back from the toilet though.


Free your mind of the present toilet paper panic movement and get yours HERE!

  • Choose from two creative designs
  • Buy 3 get free shipping!
  • Toilet paper like no other
  • Impress your guests
  • Impress your guests also by simply having toilet paper!


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